Membership Categories, Criteria & Application Requirements

Interested in joining an organization of local Business Leaders focused on driving excellence in operational execution and results through a focus on improving the alignment between business strategy and human capital?

We ask all business professionals who would like to become a PSPS member to complete an application which is then reviewed by the Membership Committee against the application requirements below.  Once approved, you will receive confirmation of your membership approval along with a brief explanation on how to activate your membership.

Business Leader (Annual Cost: $250)

Criteria - having a minimum of:
    1. 10+ years of professional work experience and;
    2. Currently holding Director level role or equivalent (or higher)
With direct responsibility for:
    - Setting people and/or organizational strategy; or
    - Strategically partnering with senior leaders within an organization to set people and/or organizational strategy; or
    - Providing consulting services to the Director level (or higher) regarding people and/or organizational strategy.

In Transition Business Leader (Annual Cost: $150*)

Criteria is the same as the Business Leader membership, except that you are currently in transition.
* For those in career transition, PSPS offers a one-time 12 month membership for a discounted rate of $150. This includes free attendance at PSPS quarterly programs, Special Interest Groups meetings, and Local Area Network meetings. If you previously held a free 6 month complimentary membership, you do not qualify for this discounted rate.

Rising Business Leader (Annual Cost: $250)

    1. Have a minimum 5+ years of professional work experience.
    2. Possess a minimum of a Bachelor Degree and hold a Bachelor or Master’s Degree in a Business or
          HR related discipline.
    3. Be referred by a current PSPS Member or Sponsor.
    4. Currently hold a Managerial or Supervisory level role or a senior specialist role
    5. Must provide a summary of strategic business experience; include roles held/employers and examples of
         contributions and/or decisions that you have been responsible for that have had a strategic impact on the
         organizations you serve.
Work experience must include direct responsibility for supporting:
    - Executing people and/or organizational strategy; or
    - Strategically partnering with senior leaders within an organization to set and/or execute people and/or
      organizational strategy.

Corporate Membership - $750/year annual membership dues

Corporate memberships include up to 5 individual memberships for the price of 3. There are no specific corporate criteria; any company can hold a Corporate Membership.  Member companies are expected to select participating individuals under their Corporate Membership who meet the criteria for either a Business Leader, or Rising Business Leader membership categories.

TO APPLY, your company should identify a primary member to complete the application and submit the $750 payment. They will hold 1 of the 5 memberships. All 5 members can be submitted on the main corporate application linked below. If they need to be added a later time, they must be added to this form. This form should only be filled out after the primary contact has received approval of membership.