Become a PSPS Thought Leadership White Paper Contributor

Welcome to the Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy’s (PSPS) new Thought Leadership White Paper Resources Page and PSPS Blog. We are very excited to have launched these new pages on our new website for members, sponsors, and thought leaders.

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we’ve received at PSPS events, such as the Annual Leadership Forum and quarterly programs, is that members and attendees wish they could keep the discussion going about all of the great topics involving people and strategy.

The purpose of the PSPS Resources section of our website is to give our members, sponsors, and thought leaders a voice. The content in this page will come from our members, external thought leaders and consultants, and sponsors who want to share valuable information on innovative ideas and practices they’re incorporating at work. 

In all cases, we’re hoping to engage a wide variety of strategic HR professionals, consultants, and sponsors in order to create meaningful conversation which can help us all to improve our organizations and careers.

If you are interested in providing original content for the PSPS White Paper Resources page, please review the general criteria below:  

Advancement: Advances awareness, development, or application of theory and/or practice.

Relevance: Is relevant and applicable to the scope of PSPS issues, and therefore of interest to the membership and prospective membership.

Authoritativeness: Comes from a respected source (individual with a position of responsibility at a public or private company, association, or academic institution; academic background; established public IP).

Appropriateness: Is written at a professional level and tone consistent with PSPS public channels, such as its web site and Leadership Forum.

Non-promotional: Is absent of any self, product, or company promotion, though any of the three can be identified in the bio brief/credits.

If your submission meets the criteria, please email [email protected] and submit your name, organization, title, and topic, and attach the article content. The PSPS marketing committee will review your article or white paper and provide feedback and approval. We appreciate you lending your voice to our growing community!