The PSPS Annual Leadership Forum

The annual Leadership Forum is the most exciting event of the PSPS calendar year and attracts an impressive and diverse group of senior leaders from across the region.  Topics for the event are carefully selected by the Leadership Forum Committee and the invited speakers are highly acclaimed and nationally recognized thought-leaders and educators.  In addition to offering cutting-edge people and strategy related business topics, this event provides an exceptional opportunity for broadening professional networks. October of 2017, PSPS celebrated the 11th annual Leadership Forum.

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Our 12 Leadership Forums include the following thought-leaders:

  • 2018, Daniel Pink, How the Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing can Transform your Organization!
  • 2017, Adam Grant, One of the world's 25 most influential management thinkers!
  • 2016, Liz Wiseman, Sparking Brilliance: Ignite and multiply your organization's potential!
  • 2015, Peter Sheahan, FL!P: Creative strategies for turning challenge into opportunity and change into competitive advantage
  • 2014, Dr. Linda A. Hill and Greg Brandeau, Unleashing Collective Genius: The Art and Science of Leading Innovation
  • 2013, Dan HeathBeing Decisive
  • 2012, Daniel PinkDesigning Strategic Organizational Initiatives to Grow the Bottom Line
  • 2011, Dr. Marshall GoldsmithA New Approach to Employee Engagement & Leadership - Leading Your Own Life
  • 2010, Dr. Ram CharanBusiness & HR Leadership in Uncertain Times
  • 2009, Dave UlrichCreating Value from HR and Leadership
  • 2008, Jim KouzesLeadership is Everyone’s Business; How to Develop Credible Leaders at All Levels
  • 2007Susan ScottFierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life, One Conversation at a Time

More about the Leadership Forum

Hear PSPS Board Members, Co-Chairs, Members and past presenters talk about the value of this annual event:

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